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Barcelona contributes to the Stability

On 13 may, the Mayor Ada Colau and Socialist councillor Collboni announced a proposed agreement to give Barcelona a Government of progressive matrix that contributes to the stability. A day later, the Mayor traveled to New York to speak on behalf of the European cities at the Preparatory Conference of the Assembly of Habitat III. They are two excellent news that indicate that our first mayor starts manoeuvres of approach for landing on the plane of reality.

The participation of the Mayor in New York could be a commitment to the strengthening of the global component and the cosmopolitan spirit of our city

The agreement will allow to defend from the Government team, the Barcelona model, model of development and urban management in the era of Mayor Maragall, to which successive Governments on the left of the PSC-PSUC gave support and made possible. Of this agreement, ERC is has largely excluded itself, be imposed once more its partisan strategy to the solution of the problems of the citizens. The CUP, as always, installed in the noise and the excitement.

The participation of the Mayor in New York could be a commitment to the strengthening of the global component and the cosmopolitan spirit of our city. His speech, in Spanish – one of the two languages commonly used by the locals as-, taking advantage of the Spanish is one of the five official languages of the United Nations, allows communication with more than 500 million citizens from around the world and continue leading the movement of urban transformation of Latin American cities. At Barcelona he understood much better in Latin America when he speaks in Spanish.

Speaking of the Barcelona model, we refer to the ability to manage all the services that a city like Barcelona provides its citizens with effectiveness and economic efficiency. Management of the city, made from the complicity between the private sector and the Administration, which both liked to quote the Mayor Maragall. A policy able to be focus of attraction for foreign investment.

A feature worth highlighting of this model is that corruption did not during the execution of the works of the games of the 92, public-private partnerships project, led by the central administration and the municipal.

The city should take advantage of its capacity for innovation for the management of urban technologies such as vector of growth, technological change, creativity and employment generation

The model entails the recognition that wealth creation is the main driver to combat inequality and poverty, provided that put up the necessary distribution mechanisms. A policy of attention to most depressed neighborhoods, creation of infrastructures which promote new centralities balancers. Old policy launched by the Governments of left-wingers who transformed the city and helped to correct the inequalities of the binomial periphery.

The city should take advantage of its capacity for innovation for the management of urban technologies (mobility, renewable energy, water and sanitation, waste…) as a vector of growth, technological change, creativity and employment generation.

The Barcelona Government agreement signed on 25 May and the intervention of the Mayor New York could be good indicators that finally begins to govern, shelved the gesture politics. Colau must be able to demonstrate your leadership and management capacity involving the economic world in the Barcelona project.

This Thursday in Sitges I listened to it very carefully and I have been able to confirm that he is a political animal – in the best sense of the word-which used the criticism to some bad practices of the Barcelona model to win the election, but now you need to apply this model to be able to govern it. Mayor, welcome to reality!

European Signal Processing Conference in Barcelona

The European Association for signal processing (Eurasip) chosed Barcelona headquarters of its 19th Annual Conference international of EUSIPCO in the 2011, which will was held in the Palacio de Congresos de Cataluña, between August 29 and September 2. The event, jointed organized by the technological centre of telecommunications of Catalonia (CTTC) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), focused on analyzing the key aspects of the theory of signal processing and its applications.


Audio and electroacoustics; implementation and applications of signal processing systems; multimedia signal processing and coding; image and multidimensional signal processing; signal detection and estimation; sensor array and multichannel signalprocessing; signal processing for communications; diagnosis and analysis of images,and speech are some of the areas of interest that will be addressed at this Conference.


Increasingly more bet Barcelona by open in the technological world, as you can see also the headquarters of the mobile world conference, focusing on becoming a benchmark capital for many companies developing technology, and is getting it.


Being a city so small but so leading Barcelona becomes somewhere comfortable forthis type of Conference, at the same time that the overall price of the things is relatively economical, as well as lodging, diets and public transport becomes an economic and simple practice for people who come to the Catalan capital to or see conferences.


As well as a sightseeing tour is also comfortable and simple for the days that are not Conference, having a marked Center and small and full of modernist and Gothic architecture, giving only a small return on it, you can submerge yourself in Catalan culture in its maximum splendour, at the same time than a tapas is more than recommended also during a visit to Barcelona.


In conclusion the Barcelona to become a world reference for all the companies is more than easy on the path that is taking the city.