Daily Archives: April 23, 2017

Some apps for Android and iOS that can help you

It is very common that when you start the year, people look for inspiration for our purposes and feel good about ourselves. However, it also happens that soon, we abandoned them by laziness, lack of time, or any other reason.

I recommend some applications so that you can meet all of your goals this year and do not leave them in the middle of the road.


If one of your purposes is to save money, let us say that it is easier than it seems, so the first application we want to recommend is piggo.

You have to take into account to accumulate money without having a purpose is clear, not easy; What is really important is to establish a reason to spend it. If we have clear for what will spend money, we will have increased willingness to save it.

piggo is the app with which you can set several objectives as any trips, festivals such as Coachella, the Superbowl, CES or to buy your home. So you can continue with your goals and achieve them in a very organized way. Best of all is that you can automate your savings, every fortnight to take the amount that you want from your bank account “Forget about forgetting to save”.

You can entrust your money to this app because it is supported by GBM Grupo Bursátil Mexicano, leader in Mexico and regulated financial institution by the CNBV and Bank of Mexico.

Available in iOS and Android.


Another of the goals that we commonly set is losing a few pounds. With Instafit you can carry out a control of daily exercise to keep fit.

In the app you can see short and effective routines for all levels, depending on what you need or what you need. In addition, Instafit provides you weekly nutritional plans and guides with healthy recipes for you eat well without dying of hunger.

Available in iOS and Android.


If yours is to be altruistic, Blooders is an app to make more efficient and simple the process of blood donation. On the platform of Blooders you can see people who require a donation of either you or your relatives to fill requests for donors.

Such requests are converted into campaigns that are in sight and within reach of hundreds of blood donors, who will find the information of applicants and schedule an appointment for the donation.

Available in iOS and Android.


If one of your purposes for the 2017 is to take care of your diet, Dabba (dabba.mx) is the solution. The easiest and fastest way to order food healthy, innovative and quality created by experts in nutrition and cooking, at affordable prices. It offers new and different dishes every day (using ingredients in season local communities), divided by nutritional categories so you can achieve your purpose of how easy and delicious with deliveries free of charge to your home or office. Eat better has never been so easy!


Available in iOS and Android.