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Introducing to Merchandising

Merchandising is a marketing technique that is dedicated to explore how to increase profitability in the points of sale. They are activities that stimulate the purchase by customers in certain areas of commercial premises. This is done by means of studies and implementation of sales techniques that allow you to present the product or service the best way customers. To put up are used to different techniques that will make the product or service to be more attractive to potential consumers.

Merchandising is a technique that involves the activities developed at the point of sale to consumer buying behavior. Main objectives is to call the attention of consumers to encourage that the way the purchase of products that have more profitability for the company.

They seek to continue arguing and influence steadily in potential customers to maintain and even increase sales, increasing sales by impulse or not thought before the time of the purchase.

The first Merchandising activities arise when international trade is converted to free trade, however, it is possible to see the application of these techniques in the traditional trade. They are the stores occurs when an important change in the way of selling, through the introduction of marketing techniques aimed at the massive sale.

Removed the counter product happens to be within the reach of the consumer and will create one greater link, encouraging the purchase. Seller happens to be a consultant for the customer causing your participation go declining more and more. Thus, arise large areas make the sale to a freer trading system.

Some Historic Information about Merchandising

It was in 1934 when, in France, arise popular stores that sold its products with a less variety in the offer but at reduced price. As customer should choose your purchase from a shelf, companies are forced to improve their structural and visual appeal. In 1958 it was the birth of the first supermarket and in 1963 the first hypermarket does theirs.

Remember that a hypermarket is an important commercial area, which differs from the supermarket in which its size is over 2,500 square meters. The first hypermarket comes from the hand of the popular Carrefour who emerged in France in the year 1963. Hypermarkets are because they offer a wide variety of products, and also have more important sections such as food, perfumery and Bazaar, among others.

Many authors indicate that the elements that are found in the supermarket (or store) are capable of influencing 78% of the products purchased, taking into account also that more than half of products that are purchased in supermarkets and one-third of which are in other stores are impulse purchases.

Usually is usually associated with product merchandising, although it is also important to take into account the merchandising at the point of sale, and this is in what we’re going to specialize, while we recognize that aspects of the product are also very important to sell.

The use of virtual reality

Many companies launched their first glasses, and thus gave the relay also to developers, who are now working in applications, games, and much more content for this technology. However, 2017 may be the key that determines the use of this technology not only for fun, but also to facilitate our work.

So far, the use of virtual reality has been clear: Samsung launched their team Gear VR video games and movies; the Google Daydream have introduced services like Street View and experiences of cinema as Fantastic Beasts, but the ecosystem of Microsoft announced in October sunglasses promises to go one step further, allowing you to organize your computer desktop in your new viewers connected to Windows 10.

“In the next five years we hope to see the promise of virtual reality in other fields such as education, logistics or manufacturing,” said Chris Chute, Vice President of analysis of key trends of IDC.

IDC is considered as a key factor that in 2017, there will be more devices on the market and more competition, a detail that will help reduce the price of sunglasses and also phones and compatible computers.

Some devices of Virtual Reality

The arrival of Google Daydream, will launch in 2017 and devices from the end of 2016 to have the opportunity to connect to the virtual reality without major problems, making sunglasses from different manufacturers can be used by a user of a device from another brand without drawbacks. So far we have seen the VR Gear only available for phones from Samsung and the LG 360 VR, following the same path, but the Daydream View have opened a new horizon, which for the company’s analysis is the key to this segment.

“The increase in new and less expensive hardware will put technology virtual and augmented reality within the reach of a growing number of companies and individuals,” said Tom Mainelli, Vice President, devices and virtual reality and reality augmented on IDC.
According to Microsoft, more than 400 million devices already have 10 Windows in more than 192 countries. This is important because many of the computers with capability to support this operating system can also do it with the next update of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which will give support to virtual reality.

The basic requirements of the computers will not be those of a super powerful machine, unlike what is needed to be able to use a few live HTC. Sunglasses from Microsoft partners, who will arrive in the spring, will be compatible with computers that have at least 4GB of RAM, USB port 3.0, graphics card with DirectX 12 technology and support a central processing unit of quad-core math with hyperthreading technology.

Said the company in the presentation of the update of Windows 10, its aim is to get creativity of the users every day through popular tools like the new Paint 3D or Power Point, that allow you to have a different experience that you can also experiment with glasses.

The philosophy of Microsoft definitely has the power to change the concept that until now has remained in virtual reality: “there is a difference if you want to play Halo, or if you want to play yourself. The entrance to play anything was to buy a computer from US$ 1,500; that’s what we got”, he said in an interview Alex Kipman, director of HoloLens at Microsoft. He is expected that the company virtual reality goggles costing US$ 299.