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Some of the car games that come out this 2017

The year 2017 is approaching, leaving behind great car games. Players who like the car games, next year is characterized by one thing: realism. If you like listening to engines and feel that you are driving a car of truth, then the next few games will surprise you.

The year 2017 will have some fantastic games, and the return of one of the best games of cars of all time: Gran Turismo. Also see, possibly, the return of Need for Speed and other fun games that will call your attention.

New upcoming Games for this 2017

Gran Turismo Sport will be the thirteenth installment of the Gran Turismo series. The game is described by Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the game, as the first title in the new era of the Gran Turismo games.

Players will now have three modes of play including a campaign, a sports mode and an arcade mode. Players can compete online against other players, but also in offline mode. However, has confirmed that the upcoming title will lack a day and night cycle and dynamic weather.

One of the great innovations of Gran Turismo Sport is the ability to use PlayStation VR. While at first the game was announced to be fully compatible with VR helmets, the development team has later warned fans of VR support shall be limited to a special mode.

Wreckfest was previously known as Next Car Game and later Next Car Game: Wreckfest. This is a demolition racing game and whose creators are the same that FlatOut series.

There are two main game modes for Wreckfest. One is a more traditional style racing experience, while the other offers players the chance of survival to a demolition derby. The developers have developed the game in a way that a car, hit, drive in a realistic manner.

Wreckfest development process has not been the best, and that Bugbear Entertainment could not find adequate support for the game. This led the development team to seek funding through Kickstarter, but also failed. After sending a demo on the sly, his game began to draw attention, allowing them to continue the project thanks to the amount of pre-orders for video games.

For all those who like video games has been a great year. And if in addition we focus on the car games we should be happy. If you’re reading this it’s because you like this combination of video games and wheels burning gasoline and why we bring you the best video games of cars that will arrive in 2017.

This has been the year of Forza 3 Horizon, Dipartimento Corsa and the official game of Valentino Rossi, among others. The graphics and gameplay are still growing by leaps and if you see these 10 games of cars that already have more than 15 years, you’re going to freak out.